About Us

"Explore the Pulse of Contemporary Art at The Alice – Seattle's Hub for Creative Expression"

Welcome to The Alice, an art space located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. Founded and managed by the visionary Alice Wintervale The Alice serves as a symbol of innovation and community spirit, in the Pacific Northwest.

At The Alice our dedication lies in presenting expressions and pioneering projects that span local, national and international realms. We focus on art that embodies a sense of presence engaging with its physicality to make an impact on viewers. The artists we showcase are driven by a shared commitment to crafting pieces that provoke thought, foster connections and inspire awe.

Our venue transcends being an exhibition space; it acts as a meeting point for minds to come together. Artists, writers, intellectuals and creators converge at The Alice to form bonds and ignite conversations through the language of art. We offer opportunities for endeavors. Embrace unconventional methods of creation to cultivate an environment where creativity flourishes.

In addition to serving as a hub for dialogue exchange The Alice also functions as a boutique that presents a collection of canvas artworks, for both collectors and art enthusiasts.
Whether you're, in search of a standout artwork, a mesmerizing landscape painting or a one of a kind creation our selection is bound to offer something that resonates with your style and enhances your environment.

Come visit us at The Alice, where art thrives, inspires and beckons you to be part of its narrative. Together we honor the impactful essence of art.