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Welcome to The Alice Gallery Based in Seattle Washington. The quintessential enclave where canvas wall art becomes a window to a world of artistry. Our extensive collection of canvas prints is meticulously designed to infuse your living space with creativity, color, and life. From the intricate brushstrokes of impressionist landscapes to the bold hues of modern abstracts, every category is represented, ensuring you'll find the perfect piece to match your decor and personal style.

Made In The USA

Each artwork, at The Alice Gallery is meticulously crafted in the United States guaranteeing that you get a piece of art that showcases quality and craftsmanship reflecting the dedication and expertise of artists.

Custom content

At The Alice Gallery we're dedicated, to bringing the magic of art into your life. Established by Alice Wintervale, an art lover and collector our gallery focuses on curating an exceptional collection of canvas wall art that aims to inspire, enchant and enhance your living spaces.

We strongly believe that the artwork you choose to surround yourself with can greatly influence your well being and the ambiance of your home. This is why we maintain unwavering dedication to quality ensuring that each piece in our collection upholds the standards of craftsmanship and artistic excellence.

Our canvas prints are meticulously crafted using cutting edge printing technology and premium materials. The result is breathtaking reproductions that faithfully capture the essence of the artwork in to life detail. We exclusively use quality archival grade canvas. Inks to guarantee that your new masterpiece will retain its vibrancy and beauty for generations to come.

The vision behind The Alice Gallery stems from Alice Wintervales appreciation, for the aesthetic impact of art.Alice, who has an eye, for talent and a deep love for supporting up and coming artists has curated a collection that features various styles, mediums and viewpoints catering to a wide range of preferences and perspectives.

When you select a canvas artwork, from The Alice Gallery you're not just purchasing a piece; you're acquiring a masterpiece that will enhance your life and change the ambiance of your space. We encourage you to browse through our selection and find the piece that resonates with your feelings.